Motherhood Mondays - A Curious Toddler - Central Texas Photographer

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What are Motherhood Mondays? It's a personal blog series using short prompts from a daily journal. I'll share a photograph from last week and an update about our everyday. 


When was the last time you used a babysitter for the evening?

I think it was January 2016 when we were in between PCS from Fort Huachuca, Arizona to Fort Hood, Texas. That’s four months ago! But, I suppose it’s understandable. When we first moved to Killeen and Fort Hood, Texas, one of the hardest transitions was the ominous feeling of starting all over again. I had to find a new routine, new friends, new moms I could trust. It’s hard when you’re a military family and your support system is nearly depleted when you have a PCS (permanent change of station). It can be lonely and challenging for the whole family.

But I knew where we should start: God, prayer, and patience. We started looking for a church community. I’m somewhat impatient and I remember thinking, “We’ve been here for a few months now and I’m no further along in finding friends than before!” I tried a few things here and there… But slowly things have come together.

Back to the original question: our last date consisted of buying an Outlander adult coloring book and going to watch a Marvel superhero movie! 


What does the word "motherhood" mean to you?

Motherhood is sacrifice, humility, unfathomable love, tiring, trust, and rejoicing all things. Maybe "keeping a child alive" is a little thing – but sometimes it feels like a huge accomplishment! Especially when you have a toddler who likes to test safety boundaries, haha… But motherhood also ties in with other facets of life: being a wife and military spouse, a leader within the household… It’s incredibly humbling too. Motherhood makes me reflect upon my childhood and the difficult attitude I gave my own mother! (Sorry, mom.) Most mothers try their best, but we all have flaws. I hope I can be humble and honest with my daughter and help guide her in life. I do not desire perfection.


What adjective do you use most often to describe your child?

Curious When our daughter was a newborn, people would comment on how alert she seemed. It’s neat to see her grow physically and mentally; her curious nature adapts and grows as well. Recently, she has gotten adept at using her tippy toes to reach something on a high shelf.

As a photographer, I often squat down to her eye level to get an alternate point of view. From this angle, things can seem boring – but I notice that our daughter is very keen on observing adult behavior and actions. If I mindlessly put an exotic object on a shelf, she reaches up on her toes to see if she can grab it. She copies me when I’m cleaning and wants to taste everything I eat or drink. Honestly, I’ve had to buy extra photography equipment like SD cards and batteries because she will put them in random locations! . . . Let’s not discuss the numerous times my cell phone has gone missing. 

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