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December 25, 2015     |     Dearest daughter, 

We returned home to Texas! Our family was in the middle of a Permanent Change of Station (Army vernacular for a long term military move) to a new assignment at Fort Hood, Texas. After your father’s promotion and subsequent army training, we were given a list of duty stations and instructed to rank our preferences. We prayed about it -- and, of all the exotic places we could have listed (Italy and Hawaii come to mind) -- our hearts found peace in returning to Texas. You were very young, only a year old, and it would be a blessing to be close to our extended family in your formative years.

Previously, our lodging experience was limited to renting on base or living off post. This time, we decided that we were going to buy a house! It was a stressful (and frustrating) endeavor to be sure. We had a small wish list, a modest budget, and an open heart that God would direct us in finding the right home. 

Your father took a few weeks of leave during the transition from Arizona to Texas, and we were blessed to stay with your grandparents during the Christmas break. Back and forth we drove, 2-3 hours at a time from Arlington to Fort Hood. We did an online recon to preview homes, but it's a different experience to see them in person. 

When we weren’t driving and looking for a new house, we were enjoying the company of our extended family: your grandparents, aunts, and uncle! Of course, you received the most Christmas gifts of anyone. You still enjoy playing with the building blocks from Aunt Eryn and the alphabet wiener dog from Aunt Casi and Uncle Jered. 

On this Christmas night, the chill of the evening air beckoned us to light up the fireplace. You were absolutely fascinated by the fire! Thank goodness you didn’t try to pull down the gate and climb over…

All in all, while home in Texas, we found a certain peace that coexists when one is home. No matter what turmoil is present in our lives at the moment, at home we find both acceptance and tranquility.

Always, our love, Ma and Pa

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