July 4 on 4 -- Killeen/Fort Hood, Texas Family Photographer

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This month was a little busier than normal! My husband and I spent the Fourth of July at Crystal Beach, a beach community a little north of Galveston, Texas. Our daughter stayed with her grandparents for a few days while we caught some sun and spent time with adult friends. We didn't go swimming do to the Vibrio germs, but it was nice to relax by a beach... and we got a wee bit sunburned despite proactive sunscreen re-application. 

While relaxing is tiring business, and duty calls, so we returned to Killeen, Texas and my husband to work at Fort Hood. June was a big month for transition: my daughter started daycare in preparation for my return to full time work as a registered nurse. Sometimes I feel sad contemplating decreased family time, but this is a prayerful return to the workplace. I'll continue photographing professionally as a business owner, and also strive for personally intriguing projects and photographing my own family. I have an open mind and an open heart towards business, and I pray that God will direct my path for whatever lies ahead! 

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Image One: We were blessed with a weekend getaway when my parents came down to Fort Hood to our daughter. My husband and I scouted Austin, Texas and Georgetown, Texas. This is a view from the Lady Bird Lake Hike-and-Bike Trail. It was nice to see so many active people. (Good for you, sweaty runners!) ... And then we spent the majority of our time eating at quirky restaurants and enjoying the movie theater. 

Image Two: Perhaps my daughter appears contemplative and peaceful, but in reality, she's just chillin' in front of the TV. We do not watch "regular TV," but she likes to watch nursery rhymes on the Little Baby Bum channel on YouTube. It's funny to watch her do the actions behind "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" because she totally skips the shoulders and is pretty clueless about their location despite intentional redirection. (You experienced parents or teachers of little kids are probably laughing at me. But hey: this is my first kid and I'm still trying to understand what she does or doesn't understand as a toddler!)

Image Three: Taken during a military unit get together, a family hail and farewell (of sorts). We went to a local park in Harker Heights, Texas - Carl Levin Park.  My daughter loves playgrounds and I like how this image documents her single-minded focus towards playtime, in addition to the scratches and bruises of toddler activity. It was our first crawfish broil. I would've loved taking more photos of our toddler eating a crawfish, but she was getting tired and cranky around that time, so we left early. 

Image Four: My daughter waking up in the morning, surrounded by a pocket of light in her adorable princess pajamas. Love the cute bedhead look.

Thanks for reading! I should be back on schedule for our monthly blog circle 4-on-4 in August. :) 

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