September 4 on 4 -- Killeen Texas Family Photographer

Michelle of All Your Heart Photography is a family, maternity, and newborn lifestyle photographer based in Killeen, Texas and serves Fort Hood, Copperas Cove, Harker Heights, Belton, and surrounding areas in Central Texas . She uses natural light to capture meaningful memories of your family with sincerity and authenticity. To contact Michelle or schedule a session, click here.

I almost started the monthly summary again with the words: This month has been busy! Well, in reality, I just feel busy and tired. My work schedule switched to early morning shifts for a few weeks, so I wake up at 4 a.m. even on my off days so my body and mind aren’t adjusting to drastic time differences. I prefer staying up late opposed to waking up very early. And to think, when I was in college, I woke up super early all the time!)

The desire to improve my life feels never-ending – eat healthier, exercise more, photograph meaningfully, manage and market my business better, parent more attentively, master new nursing skills, mindfully spend time with the Lord. The List goes on. Sometimes, in the moment, I have a strong sense of dissatisfaction, that I’m not where I want to be . . . but really, it’s where I need to be – right now – for my family. I can’t be expert status at ALL those things right now. So I have to cut down and prioritize what IS important. Am I spending my time and energy well? That can definitely be improved. Keep it simple, Michelle!!

Looking back on this past month from August, I can see that it wasn’t for nothing. To be honest, I’m so tired from work and eagerly focused on the upcoming fall and holiday season for photography, that August feels like one big blur! But then again, that’s yet another reason why I’m thankful for photography and that I intentionally took my “big camera” out on expeditions in the rain, to Killeen’s local ComiCon, and captured our everyday adventures. Time sure does fly! 

Just a little reminder: “Be patient with yourself.”

Some background on these photos:

#1 – Playing in Puddles – Finally, we have some rain and splashing fun! This is a childhood bucket list activity that I have wanted to do for some time now, inspired by Diana Gabaldon’s prologue in Voyager. Love these bright, cheerful colors!

#2 – Not a Morning Person – This one is just funny. When she wakes up in the morning, her hair is all askew and she does NOT like it when I open up the window to bring in some natural light! Bahahaha. I’m sorry, my sweet child… but mama needs the extra light for decent camera exposure.

#3 – Rembrandt Portrait – I actually had a different project in mind. I love her perky, Dr. Seuss hair and wanted to do a side-by-side portrait with a pineapple. Hmm, need to do a collaboration with my assistant. A.k.a. daddy.  

#4 – Interpretive Dance – Part of our bedtime routine, I guess. I often catch our toddler babbling to herself and playing in the mirror when it’s time to brush her teeth. Find fun where you can! #lifelessonsfromatoddler

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